Bandargah Himalayan Retreat

Nature’s Paradise

Places of Interest



Noted for its apple orchards and thick woods of oak and pine, Mashobra is a sylvan retreat with pretty walks and picnic spots. A little track leads down to Sipur a grassy glade with a stream wandering thorough it. Excursions are possible to Shali Peak - the highest point in the area or to Craignano ( 3 Km/2 mile) with its elegant guest house set in a delightful flower-filled garden.




The scenic, nine hole golf course with its springy turf and crown of deodar was laid out at the instance of the Viceroy Lord Curzon. So enamoured was he by the beauty of the spot, that he named his youngest daughter Alexandra Naldera.


Just before Naldehra falls the village of Baldian. from here, take the motorable old Rickshaw road (Which was used to transport the British here from shimla) and head for the local fire station , 6 km away. for shorter trek take the 3 km approach from Mashobra.

Next to badalian is what was originally the summer resort of the Italian Countess of Crainano. in the 1890's , Craignano was turned into the united service club for the British laat ("lord") Sahebs. after craignano , head for talli, a tiny meadow flanked by the Mahakali temple and the estate of the erstwhile Maharaja of faridkot. every October, a joton ka mela (a bull-fight test) is held here.





Chabba (18 km) - Between March and june, the powerhouse at chabba on the sutlej river provides the starting point for the 11 km river-rafting stretch to Tattapani. the chalets naldehra organizes rafting trips.




Shaily Peak (23 km) - if you are up for some adventure and trekking, head out to shaily peak early in the morning. the road is motorable, the scenery passable from Khatnol, which is the base for the steep climb to the peak, it's roughly 8 km. you can also hire a pony.